7 Props To Use to In Your Next Brand Photography Shoot

Today, I had a brand photography shoot with my dear friend Kaye for my website and press kit. I try my best to update my brand photography because it’s important to have recent photos when you’re pitching yourself for brand partnerships or to speak at conferences. The last thing you wanna do is catfish a brand. That’s no bueno. 

As someone who started taking outfit post photos when I started blogging, lifestyle photos - typically photos that were indoors and reflected everyday life - were always awkward for me. I didn’t know if I should pose, what to wear or if I should smile or not. But over time, I figured out one of the main things that made my lifestyle photos better - props. Oh yes. Props.

And in my opinion, lifestyle photos make the best brand photography photos.

Turns out if you can find props that add to your photo without being a distraction, then you can take a lifestyle photo from good to great. Below are 7 props to use in your brand photography shoot.

ALL PHOTOS BY // Erica J. Simmons

Coffee Mug

A coffee mug is such a great prop for brand photography photos because it works whether or not you’re going for a personal or professional feel. For best results, use a white mug and if it has text - keep it black or dark. 


As a content creator, holding my camera in a photo is great. It automatically deems me creative without saying a word and cameras look great in photos. Don’t be afraid to hold the camera different ways including up to your face like you’re really using it.

Laptop or Computer

This is one of the easiest ways to make yourself look professional in brand photos. Feel free to sit or stand in the photo so there’s variety. Just because you’re a professional doesn’t mean you have to be boring. Have fun with it!


I absolutely love fresh flowers and they add such a chic element to a photo. Of course, you can use any color flowers you want but white flowers - like hydrangeas, tulips or roses - are always great and look so fresh in pictures.


Another great prop is a notebook. You can make the photo feel professional or personal because it’s so versatile. It’s all about the scene you’re setting. Feel free to add a pen or pencil to the photo or even wear glasses. It’s all about the details.

Makeup or Beauty Items

I’m a makeup lover, so anytime I can include the pretty packaging of my make up, I take advantage. Do something like hold a brush up to your face or look into a compact. Using the product in a way that tells a story is always best. Be careful because packaging that’s metallic or shiny can be hard to capture.


Last but not least, use a mirror. I mentioned using a compact when using makeup products as props, but you can use your bathroom mirror, full length mirror or the mirror a vanity. The possibilities are endless. Have the photographer shoot at an angle so they’re not in the photo. It really does make for a great shot.