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It’s time your favorite brands pay you the money you want. It’s time you worked for yourself. No more playing small, no more asking for what you’ll think you’ll get, no more treating this like a hobby.

Here at Bossfluence we believe your influence can make your dreams of becoming your own boss real. You just have to believe in yourself, find your tribe and do the work.

So, let’s get into it!

Pitching brands isn’t about saying what the brand wants to hear, but selling value they can’t do without. It takes way more to do that than a bunch of templates.

In our signature program, we show you how to pitch brands confidently to land profitable partnerships.

Full time entrepreneurship as an influencer isn’t just aspirational - it’s attainable. Yeah, even if you don’t have 100k followers.

Our application-only accelerator program reveals the goals, processes and systems to put in place to become a six-figure influencer who can become their own boss.


#ReadySetBlog is hands down the best blogging course I've ever taken to date.

This course taught me how to really lay down the foundation for blogging and being consistent. I would highly encourage anyone who is serious about blogging to take #ReadySetBlog! In other words, it's a game changer!

- Sebastien Gaudin

Within a month of applying the advice from our first call, my blog's website traffic grew, as well as increased engagement on Instagram with the addition of 200+ new followers.

I began to really connect the purpose behind my posts. What message am I trying to get across? What story does this image tell? How can this content be beneficial to other Regal Ladies who come across it? I can attest that working with Mattie has helped build my confidence in this blogging world.

Tasha Renee, @iamtashabutler



After implementing her skills and waiting for the right brand to come along, I signed my first $5,000 brand deal!

Mattie gave me the motivation and confidence to start charging more on campaigns and how to justify my higher rates to brands. She also helped me understand important things to look out for before signing a contract and which small nuances can actually be more money added to my paycheck.

- Joi Wade, @joiwade

No more playing small. join the